Car Seats i-Size

Car Seats i-Size

The new i-Size (R129) standard

i-Size is the name of the rst phase of the new R129 legislation, detailing enhanced performance criteria for car seats for children from birth to 105 cm (approx. 4 years old) which are installed with ISOFIX.

i-Size creates greater usage of the safer ISOFIX anchorage system. It also makes it easier for parents and retailers to know when to upsize the child car seat and when to change from rearward- to forward-facing installation. This helps to ensure a full term of at least 15 months of rearward-facing travel and thereby reduces the number of neck and head injuries. In addition, the minimum performance requirements for side-impact collisions ensure that all child car seats, approved under i-Size, provide side-impact protection.

Improved protection at higher forces for side and front impact and a much better protection of head and neck

Rearward-facing travel mandatory up to 15 months old

i-Size requires ISOFIX, which has less chance of being incorrectly used than belted car seats

i-Size car seats will t all i-Size and almost all ISOFIX cars

Length classi cation for easier choosing the right car seat

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